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EZDC: Easy Dynamic Content for Web.
With EZDC you can easily update your data driven site yourself. No database needed!

Why developed their own web content management software?

Lot of business houses are frustated by the fact that they have to depend on their web site designers (mostly an out side agency) to make even small changes to their website.
That takes time, effort, coordination of many people which may result in chances of errors and multiple iterations and of course money.
This was simply not acceptable to us. We wanted a system wherein updating and maintaining and making changes to a website is as easy as A B C.
Remember the days when computers were becoming popular. Every office or business needed people specialized in operating and using the simple computer applications. That is not the case anymore. Everybody is computer proficient and does the work related to their job function directly on their PC be it word processing or spread sheets or making a presentation. Do they have to know the programs behind that? No really.
That is the level of simplicity we wanted for a dynamic web site maintenance and creation.

EZDC is the result of that requirement. Like a lot of marketing managers and web business owners, we can't afford the delay and cost of depending on someone else for such an easy job. is fortunate to have the backing of world class technology and business savy professionals. Therefore they could afford to do that in the first place.
Needless to say, a lot and lot of sales leads are now created over internet. No business can afford to have a still-static website, if they are serious about making their new marketing messages and campaigns reach their potential customers world over in real time. The technology should help them to compete better at an affordable cost.

EZDC is our answer to that. Our team of Business Technologists would be happy to discuss with you as to how we can help make your internet investment much smarter - meaning - lot of people visit the site , it is easier to maintain and update , users get a better site experience and come back often,... possibilities are infinite on the e-world. To know more please mail to: .

Technology Behind EZDC:
The final output of what you are seeing on this site are very simple looking html webpages. The person who is creating/updating those pages are also using very simple steps.
However, behind the scenes, our designers, developers and programmers have used very sophisticated latest web technology to make life simpler for the marketing manager of the site.
We also wanted our design of the site in such a way that :
End users has a better user experience at the site. They get to see what they are looking for fast. Should be able to compare their selections without reloading and resubmitting the pages. Hide images conveniently. After surveying we finalaized on the re-emerging Ajax Framework for user presentation. Innovation pioneers Google Maps and Google Mail Gmail also uses Ajax framefork. Please see the article : Google Maps Uses Ajax Developed by our team also utilises Ajax. 

If you have any requirement similar to what we mentioned above, please drop us a mail. We will be more than happy to be of assistance to you.Currently we are specializing in real estate, air travel and consumer products web sites for clients across globe.

Thank you,
EZDC development team.()

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Mail to us to find out how your business can benefit from our expertise in new Internet Technologies and in Web Marketing. Our services are not just limited to placing an ad on the site, it is much more than that.
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